ZipTracker is a tracking and reporting tool. ZipTracker helps you determine the effectiveness and precise ROI statistics for an advertising or marketing campaign.

Some of the information that ZipTracker will help you know with precision:

  Site Wide Statistics
Sales, front end and back-end (if applicable)
Total visitors
Total leads
Total page views (including stats per page)
Top performing campaigns
Poorly performing campaigns
Campaign Specific Statistics
(stats per campaign)
Click-thrus & click-thru rates
Number of sales
Page views
Number of leads
Gross campaign income
Net campaign income
Average sales ticket
Visitor to sale conversion rate
Gross sales income per visitor
Net sales income per visitor
Visitor to lead conversion rate
Lead to buyer conversion rate
Gross income per lead
Net income per lead
Campaign Specific Objective Stats

You can also track (per campaign) the conversion rate to, and number of, completed objectives. An objective can be anything you define.

Here are some example objectives:
- Reached the checkout page
- Watched the video
- Referred 3 or more friends to the site
- Voted in poll
- Filled out questionnaire
- Visited more than 10 pages
- Stayed on site more than 5 minutes
- Used search page
- Anything else you want to track...

Affiliate Tracking
Track performance by affiliate campaign
Allow affiliates to view reports on their campaign(s)
No affiliate fees of any kind
Easily determine affiliate commissions
Affiliate tracking for clicks/sales/leads
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